I am usually pretty cynical when it comes to reboots of my favorite childhood television shows and movies. It just seems like the studios get our hopes and then fall flat, especially when the nostalgia factor is high.

So when the Ghostbusters reboot was announced I had mixed emotions. I was excited for the franchise to make it back to the big screen, but I was expecting that I would once again be let down and not like the movie.

Boy was I wrong.

It did not bother me when it was announced the reboot would be done with women characters. That seems to be the major point of hate for this film and it is completely unjustified.

What bothered me most about the Ghostbusters reboot was that it was such an iconic film. I was six years old when the first movie came out, so I basically grew up with the original Ghostbusters.

It was the movie that introduced me to Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. That movie was the gateway into other great comedy by these three actors. And watching the movie just felt good.

I finally did catch the movie the other day. I did not go into the movie looking for things to hate about it, but I did go in with low expectations, because like I said, reboots usually get our hopes up just to let us down.

The movie started just like the originals. A cold open of something creepy happening in an old building. Then cut into the theme.

This is where I had a good feeling about the movie. The theme song used to open the movie was the same as the original movies. There is also a version, played during the end credits, that was released leading up to the movie that people hated on. It was basically a remix of the old theme with a new song in there.

It wasn’t horrible, but it was legitimately something that a lot of people could nitpick.

Another thing that really got people to hate on the movie before it was even released was the first trailer.

At the time it seemed like the trailer was thrown together to build hype for the movie, but it failed to do that. First it made it look like this was going to be a continuation of the original movies, which it is not. Also, the trailer was crammed full of jokes that fell flat and were not funny, making people worry that the comedy in the movie would also fall flat.

That original trailer was not a good one for the movie.

I am happy with the fact that the movie does not continue from the originals. It might have been cool to see a couple of retired Ghostbusters passing the mantle down from one generation to the next, but making this a group of people starting a business movie just like the original was a good call.

It is a shame that the first trailer did not showcase the comedy that was actually in the movie.

Things like the running joke between Melissa McCarthy and the delivery guy from the Chinese food place are good. The dynamic between the women are great. Many times the delivery of the joke is what makes it the funniest and they nail it.

It does seem odd that they would make the hard ass street smart woman an african-american. In a movie that plays against most stereotypes a message is being sent that girls can be brilliant scientists…unless you’re black. But Leslie Jones kills the role and is both smart, funny, and witty. And they don’t make her “only” street smart. She is also book smart when it comes to the history of New York. She has a lot of time to read when she is being ignored by passengers in her subway booth.

I think Kate McKinnon kind of steals the show as Holtzmann. She appears to always be sitting quietly in the scene, and might not say much, but when she does it usually makes the scene. She might be a little unhinged and her inventions could probably destroy the entire city, but all of that adds layers to the comedy.

The cameos make for a fun bit in the movie. Almost all of the original cast and their headquarters make an appearance.

I remember, still before the movie came out, when they were trying to control all of the hate of the movie, Dan Aykroyd came out with a statement that he had seen a screen test of the movie and said that it was a brilliant movie.

Of course I was cynical about that. Dan Aykroyd is half of the creative team that brought Ghostbusters into the world. He is executive producer of the new movie. Of course he is going to say good things about it.

But he was right. It is a brilliant film.

And his cameo as a taxi driver that refuses to go to chinatown, don’t drive wackos, and ain’t afraid of no ghost is the best cameo of the movie.

Apparently the movie is a flop considering the estimated budget was $144,000,000 and it only brought in $128,344,089 at the box office. But I think this is a sleeper hit of 2016.

I think that if all of the people that hated on the movie actually watched it, most of them would have actually liked it.