As I write this I am just weeks away from publishing the first novel in a new series I have been brainstorming for quite some time.

The novel is titled Extraction and it is the first Jacob Hunter novel.

But who is Jacob Hunter?

Jacob Hunter is the person we would have if Jack Reacher investigated The X-Files.

Jacob Hunter was a special agent for a secret government project called Project Grey Hand. His role in Project Grey Hand was to investigate alien contact and communications and differentiate between friend and foe. After over a decade of work the project was defunded and nearly everyone involved was reassigned or retired.

Jacob Hunter took the opportunity to retire to a nice little shore town in New Jersey. But no matter how hard he tries to live a quiet life there will always be something out there that catches his attention or someone that needs his help.

In the first Jacob Hunter book, Extraction, Jacob is called upon by an old friend to find a missing person. Jacob gets to town and starts asking questions, but things get even more complicated when he runs into two FBI agents, learns of a crashed UFO in the area, and befriends a man that is constantly talking to the voices in his head.

Extraction will be out in the beginning of March. The second book in the series, Fool’s Gold, will be out in Summer of 2017.

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