January was a good month for me.

I put my head down and I did edits and re-writes on the first Jacob Hunter novel. I pounded through the file and made a ton of changes. I formatted the manuscript for a paperback book. I got a paperback proof to do another round of proofreading with the actual book in my hands. I then went back to the Scrivener file and fixed all of the mistakes I found. It is amazing how much you see when you look at it in a different format.

So the other day I have all that, did all the changes and corrections, and then started to format the new clean manuscript for the paperback edition and…

my computer crashed.

My computer is pretty old in terms of computers. It is a 2010 MacBook, so by Apple standards it is even considered “vintage.”

This, or course, caused my workflow to stall. I was doing good for a few hours, getting things done and then suddenly I have to focus on getting the computer fixed. After a couple hours of no improvement with the computer I started to get frustrated and had to walk away.

That left me time to sit and stew in the frustration that I was working so well on something and now I can’t finish it like I had planned to. I only needed another hour or two and the specific task for that day would have been done and everything else would have been gravy.

But the next day I knew that I needed to get the momentum back. Just because the computer stopped working, did not mean that I could stop working.

So when something unexpected like this kills the momentum I usually do take a few hours, or even the rest of the day, to just sit back and say, “fuck this.” But after that I need to keep getting shit done.

So I look at the tasks that are on my to-do list and see what I can get done right now. Even if I have to skip the top priority items to get a few of the lower items on the list done. I have to do what I can do now so that when the computer is fixed, or a new one appears on my desk, I can jump back into the other tasks and I am no further behind than I was a few days ago.

A momentum killer like a computer taking a shit on you can really mess up your schedule. It can force you to push things around on your schedule and maybe even delay a few things. But you can’t let it stop you altogether.

Work still needs to get done.

So back to work.

P.S. I know last week I promised the cover reveal of Extraction, the first Jacob Hunter novel, and you are still getting it this week. I will post it up here either tomorrow or Wednesday. But guess what…people on my mailing list have already seen the cover.

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