Next weekend is the premiere of the newest Wolverine movie, Logan.

The release of the movie is exciting for a few reasons. It is the final Wolverine movie with Hugh Jackman. It looks like it will redeem itself for the previous Wolverine movies.

And it is rated R.

Most comic book movies have mass appeal. So studios want to work with titles and characters that will draw in as many people as possible so they can have huge numbers at the box office.

That is why it was so hard to get a Deadpool movie made.

There was no way to make a Deadpool movie that was rated for the general audience. Even if you toned down the source material you were still looking at an R rating. Also, Deadpool did not have as big an audience as Iron Man or Captain America.

But Deadpool did get made. It was rated R. And it cleaned up at the box office. Over $363 Million off a production budget of $58 Million.

This, of course, excites people.

Deadpool is likely the reason Logan got the go ahead for an R rated storyline.

And after the success of Deadpool there was a bunch of talk about other R rated movies from other comic book properties.

When Batman v Superman was released on DVD/BluRay they jam packed it with a bunch of extra material and gave the “uncut version” an R rating.

And every few weeks I see discussions about what movies should be R rated next.

The answer isn’t Batman or Superman or X-Men or any other comic book movie.

The answer to which movie should be R rated next is, whichever one tells an R rated story.

I get aggravated when people say they want an R rated [insert comic book character(s) here] movie. A movie should not be made to simply have an R rating. What needs to be focused on first is a good story. Make a movie that tells me a good story. Or a movie that takes a comic book story arc and translates it to a new medium. And make sure it translates well.

Again, I want a good story.

I have nothing against an R rated comic book movie. I will likely let my kids watch Logan.

But do not hide from an R rating and do not force an R rating.

Tell a story the way it should be told and let the rating be whatever it should be.