I made two specific goals for 2017. One of them had to do with my writing and one of them had to do with my running.

So far I have been following the proper steps to meet my writing goal. The running goal, however, has a snag in it.

That snag is…food.

One of the steps I need to take to meet my running goal, which is a sub 4 hour marathon, is to lose some weight and get a stronger body.

Losing weight is a pretty simple process.

Burn more calories than what you eat and you will lose weight. There are some nuances and finer details you can get into regarding that, but the simple formula is proven to work.

Eat less, burn more.

My problem here is that I love food and I have very little self control. I can tell myself not to eat the snacks they have at work, but the next thing I know I am in the break room twenty times eating more and more. By the end of my work day I feel like shit and I am usually on my way to a sugar crash.

I still have time to get this under control and work on what needs to be done.

So I am going to give this whole meal prep thing a try.

I am not going to calculate macros down to the percentage points. But I will make a menu that I will follow every day. I have a couple of recipes that work really well for meals and I will have a list of things that I can swap in and out.

My main goal here is just to calculate calories in. The easiest way to do this is to eat the same thing every day. I know that what I have in mind here isn’t really the most “healthiest” or “clean” way to eat, but it is cutting out a ton of junk food and regulating what I eat so that I get better control of myself and safely loss the pounds I need to loss.

I am going to stick to the menu I have in mind right now for a week. I will see how energy levels and hunger responses are during that week and maybe adjust up or a down a little if I need to do it. Week by week.

I am also keeping a log. So I can see what I am doing right, where I am missing, and measure my progress.

So here we go. Time to prep my meals for the week.