This weekend I finally watched Zootopia.

Not only did it handle a lot of social and political issues, but after sitting on it for a day or two I started to ask if it might just be the best detective story ever told?

Saying anything is the best EVER is a bold statement. I know that someone who is more fluent in the genre can probably name a dozen or so detective movies that they think are better detective stories than Zootopia.

But you’ve got to admit that it was a really good detective story.

I am not going to give in depth commentary on the movie, but here are some of my thoughts.

Something that impressed me about the movie is that everything has a payoff. Just about every little thing that happens influences something later in the movie. Even when it just looks like a cute little scene to establish character, location, or to insert a joke.

It was also interesting that the movie doesn’t give you the crime straight away. At roll call in the morning the police chief mentions a number of missing person animal cases and passes them out to some of his officers. Then it isn’t really mentioned for a little while.

On top of that the missing animal cases aren’t even the real crime. They are only caused by the real crime.

There was also a couple good fake outs and red herrings. If we were watching the movie focused so intently on the crime we might have been able to figure it out pretty quick, and some people probably did figure it out pretty quick, but there were a number of misdirections that made you look the wrong way.

Like I said, this isn’t some in depth commentary. I just wanted to praise this little film for a minute.

If you do want some in depth commentary, especially from a story telling point of view, check out the website formally known as The Cock-Eyed Caravan. The Secrets of Story.

The Secrets of Story did a five part break down of the movie here and here and here and here and here.