I am trying to clean up some things in my life. Like the bookcase that is sitting behind me jam packed with paperbacks, hardcovers, magazines, and notebooks.

But I am leaving that bookcase for another day so I can tell you about something else I just cleaned out.

The bookmarks on my internet browser.

That’s right.

I hoard bookmarks and webpages and even PDF ebooks that people offer on their websites.

This morning I looked at my bookmark bar along the top of my browser and saw a tangled mess of links that I have not used in years.

So I clicked into the manage section of the bookmarks and picked through them. I deleted nearly all of them and sorted the remaining links into four different folders.

I also have a problem on Facebook.

They have let you save links that you see in your feed for quite some time now, and boy have I saved some links.

There has to be at least two or three links I see while scrolling my Facebook feed that look interesting, but because of time restraints (or my legs falling asleep on the toilet) I am forced to save the link for later.

I looked through those saved links today and there are some that I forgot I even saved. There were even a couple that were time sensitive and aren’t even good anymore.

I did start sifting through those links, but there are some that I want to read but just don’t have time to sit and read through today.

So I’ll do that later too.

It has become apparent to me that I am a hoarder of a different kind. Where most people save every little piece of anything that comes into their homes, I save just about every single link that even touches on a subject I find interesting.

I’ll save them on Facebook, or in my bookmark menu, or even email them to myself in some situations.

I will eventually read them all.

I swear. I will.

Besides, what if I need it? I can’t delete that link now!