I was going through some notes the other day and I found this.

Have patience and engage in consistent action.

It is a quote from motivational speaker Les Brown. I think I was watching a YouTube video when I jotted that note down.

Finding that note has caused me to think more and more about patience and success.

When it comes to success, my mind immediately goes to two areas of my life. Writing and running.

These two things are actually very similar in many ways. Being successful in each takes planning, preparing, consistent action, and grinding hard work.

But more importantly they take patience.

I am not going to write a book and publish it and make it to a bestseller list in one day.

I can’t go out and train right now for a marathon pace that I want to run in a year.

To get to those points takes a lot of work. A lot of consistent action. Hard work. And most importantly a lot of patience.

The hard work…the hustle…the grind…that happens every single day. Some days are better than others. Some days are easier than others. But every day is a step closer to the goal. If I string enough of these days together, and I am consistent in my work from day to day, then I will reach the goals that I have developed plans to get to.

But I have to be patient with the execution of those plans.

Every day. Do the work for that day. Don’t compare it to what I think I should be doing two months from now or what I was doing two months ago.

Just compare it to what I should be doing today to get me to tomorrow.

I admit, I want results now. I want to jump ahead of where I am and skip to the success.

I have had no problem putting in the hard work required. In fact, I am proud of myself for doing what I need to do just about every day of 2017 so far.

All I can do right now is commit to the consistent action I have been doing, and have the patience that is required for that hard work to culminate in the goals I have set for myself.

But patience is sometimes harder than the hard work.