What if…

People in the distant future discovered old comic books and interpreted them as religious texts of the past?

Think about this.

Thousands of years in the future. Maybe technology as taken steps backward and we don’t have everything stored on pretty little hard drives.

Maybe there are archeologists that comb through old papers and books and even ancient computers.

Maybe they don’t have the exact context of the comic book pages they have found. But they see the same images of superheroes not only in the pages, but they find action figures and statues and shrines of various kinds dedicated to these superheroes.

The historians and researchers in the future are putting together a puzzle. They don’t have all the pieces, but they are using what they have to figure out the beliefs and practices¬†of ancient people from millennia ago.

Perhaps they even find evidence of gatherings based around these comic book pages. Huge revivals that people would travel for miles to get to and interact with each other and worship their gods.

In thousands of years, when technology has degraded and generations have long been forgotten, will people in the future think that Superman and Batman were gods that we worshipped with toys and statues and conventions?