You may have noticed a few changes happening to the site here.

Actually, I don’t know who I’m kidding. The only visitors to this site appear to be spam bots and the occasional Twitter follower.

But I’ll pretend I have boat loads of fans coming to the site every week and wondering what is happening with me.

And if you are one of those fans then you have noticed a few changes happening here over the past few days.

I am basically stripping the site down to its bare minimum.

The site will now focus solely on my writing and keep all of my adoring fans updated about my books and stories.

Even though I will be keeping all past blog posts live, I will no longer blog here on a regular basis about random things. I will, however, post over at Medium when I think of something I want to write about that has nothing to do with my writing.

You can follow me there if you like.

Stay tuned here for writing updates. I am working on the third Jacob Hunter book as we speak.