I have written an “about me” page at least a half dozen times just for this website alone. That is how many times I have overhauled billdowis dot com.

I was under the impression I needed a niche and every time I settled on one it required a different page telling everyone what I was about.

Fuck that.

This site doesn’t need a “niche.”

The niche is me.

Why should I try to put together who I am in a few hundred words on an “about me” page? Wouldn’t it be more fun for both of us to discover who I am through posts and videos and a bunch of other cool shit on my site?

Well maybe it is not fun, but it will at least kill a few minutes so you can avoid doing any real work. So snoop around.

Read a post or two.

Then come back every once in a while to see what is new.

And if this website doesn’t give you enough Bill Dowis for your liking, you can always find me around the internet doing internetty things.