I was born at a very young age in Saginaw, Michigan. We moved around quite a lot and have lived in different states all along the east coast of the United States of America.

My earliest writing memory is creating stories using some of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons. In fact, I remember a specific story involving My Pet Monster becoming a human boy.

Another favorite of mine was a series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stories I wrote while a friend of mine illustrated them. He could draw much better than I could write, but we had fun doing it.

I am currently working on my newest science fiction thriller series of novels starring Jacob Hunter. Think of them as Jack Reacher meets The X-Files.

Besides writing my other passion is endurance sports and marathon running. Other than my quest to become a best selling author I am also on a quest to become a faster marathoner.

I also love reading, thinking, over-priced coffee, my iPhone, and social networking, among other things.

Speaking of social networking you can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.