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My First Photo Manipulation

Today I was messing around and did my first real photo manipulation.

I have fiddled around before and changed pictures for different things I’ve done online, but I never really did any heavy duty editing. For some reason a couple days ago I started looking at tutorials online and I got the bug to create some art using Photoshop.

But I don’t have Photoshop.

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If Zac Efron Can’t Get Tickets to Hamilton, How Am I Supposed To?

I don’t know how my son first heard about Hamilton The Musical, but he has heard about it. And since hearing about it he has developed a slight obsession with it.

He purchased a book that might be slightly above his reading level, but will still read through eventually. He bought the soundtrack off iTunes and has listened to it enough to know the songs. He even knows some of the actors names and what they are doing outside of the play.

So I figured…why not buy tickets for his birthday and the family can spend the day in New York?

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