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Playing Around

I am playing around with the website.

New look.

New themes.

All kinds of fancy little knick knacks.

I even moved it to a self hosted domain instead of the free WordPress so I can have more control.

Bear with me as I tinker and stay tuned for more.


A Body In Motion

It has been a while since I have been in school, but I do remember the little rule that a body at rests tends to stay at rest and a body in motion tends to stay in motion. All of my lessons in science class never went any further than memorizing that line. If they did go deeper into the laws of motion, I must have missed it.

I have figured something out though. The law of motion applies to people and creative endeavors.

I have a lot of projects filed in the back of my head. Some of them I am working on and others are set on a low simmer so the flavors can properly develop before I present them to the public.

When a project is coming to the front of my psyche and I am ready to start putting together a masterpiece, I start slow. I make a list of all the things that need to be done. I look at that list and get overwhelmed. I set the list aside and think about what order I will do those things and how they will turn out. I may even surf the internet to get ideas and inspiration.

All of that is nothing but resistance holding my project at rest. Even when I start writing things on paper, nothing wants to move forward.

But, if I make a list or jot down a few ideas and immediately get to work, something amazing happens.

I slowly start making progress. Maybe I get a logo made, or a scene for a video shot, or an outline written. That success of putting an idea into a physical form leads to me actually doing the next thing I need to do for that project. Then, after three or four building blocks are fitted together, I have so much accomplished that I do not want to stop.

This also worked the other day when I went in to clean out my kid’s bedroom. Toys have been piled up in a Hoarders fashion for as long as I can remember and since I will be relocating in just two weeks I needed to go in there and purge the space. I was putting it off for weeks and as I stood there with a box of trash bags and a couple plastic totes I was overwhelmed.

Finally I started chipping a way. A single toy at a time. A piece of balled up paper here. A crushed Lego box over there. I even found Christmas candy still in the wrapper. After ten minutes of this I started flying through the debris. I was going full force and lost all sense of time. Before I knew it, the room was clean.

So here is a little secret.

You have a project that you want to get done? Start doing it. A little bit at first, and maybe you have to get at it everyday for a few weeks, but…

If you do it, it will get done.

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