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How Do You Heat Your Soup?

I have started to eat soup a little bit more than I have in the past.

Soup is a pretty good option for a meal during the day. I go with canned soup such as Progresso because they have a large variety of options. And depending on what soup I choose I can get a good dose of vegetables and have a filling meal with not a lot of calories.

A thought that came to me the other day while preparing lunch was…how should I heat my soup?

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So Much Cheese

I aint gonna lie. When I make my kids lunches for school I want it to be nice and easy. So when I go shopping for school snacks I get things that are already packaged and ready to be tossed in their lunch box.

Over the past few days however I noticed something.

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There Is Plenty of Room On The Belt

I went to the grocery store today and spent too much money on food.

After spending about half an hour checking things off my list, avoiding the things I really shouldn’t get, and grabbing a few things that looked good I went up to the check out lines and pulled my cart behind a lady that didn’t have much more than me and was already getting rung up.

It was in lane four that I would be reminded how crazy some people are.

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National Drink Beer Day

Apparently, according to the hash tags that are trending on Twitter, today is National Drink Beer Day. Google confirms this.

September 28th is National Drink Beer Day.

I have a few favorite beers, but let me tell you how I choose new beers when I go to the craft beer section of my local store.

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Time for Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING

Yesterday was finally the first day of autumn.

Despite the next few days still being 80 degrees or warmer, summer is officially over, and now we can move into my favorite time of year.

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