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Meal Prep Monday

I made two specific goals for 2017. One of them had to do with my writing and one of them had to do with my running.

So far I have been following the proper steps to meet my writing goal. The running goal, however, has a snag in it.

That snag is…food.

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Back In The Pool

My last triathlon this year was back in July. Since then I have not done a swim workout or any kind really. I have gone swimming recreationally and in the ocean. But no swim workout. 

Today I got back in the pool. 

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Just Exercise

Yesterday I told you about the half marathon that I ran this weekend.

Leading up to this race I was starting to feel a little burned out with running. I was getting frustrated because my training wasn’t going as planned. This was the last real race on my schedule for quite some time, so I told myself that after this race I would just take a break. I would cut back on running and relax some.

But cutting back on an addiction is hard.

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Go For A Walk

I woke up this morning and we didn’t have any coffee.

This has happened before, and when it has happened it hasn’t been a problem. Within a one and a half mile radius of my house there is about four places that sell coffee, both grounds and already brewed. So when it does happen I usually jump in the car and make a quick trip to the grocery store or the convenience store and pick up a pack to brew at home.

This morning I did something different.

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Push Up Every Day

My legs are strong. That comes a little from running and mostly from cycling so much, especially when I used it as my primary form of transportation.

But my upper body is weak.

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