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Patience is Harder Than Hard Work

I was going through some notes the other day and I found this.

Have patience and engage in consistent action.

It is a quote from motivational speaker Les Brown. I think I was watching a YouTube video when I jotted that note down.

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The First Step Is Always The Hardest

Yesterday I talked about how it benefits me to break projects down into smaller tasks and focus on getting each task done no matter how small it is.

Sometimes I make these task so ridiculously small that there is absolutely no excuse for not doing them. But even when I do that I still sometimes procrastinate and put off doing whatever needs to be done.

Getting started is usually harder than doing the actual work.

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Can You Really Do Anything?

A common meme in the endurance sport and fitness community is the idea that you can do anything. Your body and your mind have no limits except what you put on yourself. You know the old saying, you can do anything you put your mind to. 

But here is the thing.

You do have limits and sometimes you can’t do anything.

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What Do You Really Want

We all want things that can only be obtained through personal change.

Sometimes we kind of want something, but don’t think much about it. Sometimes we want something that seems hard to get, but tell ourselves it would be too hard to get it. Other things we want so much that we are willing to change entire aspects of our lives to get them.

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