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Breaking2 Was Not About Running A Marathon

After years of preparation and design and research and development and training, Nike attempted to break 2 hours in the marathon.

But it does not come without criticism and a bit of skepticism.

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Preparing to Prepare for the Philadelphia Marathon

This past weekend registration for the Philadelphia Marathon opened up, and since it is my fall marathon of choice I signed up on the first day.

Now I have to prepare to prepare for the marathon.

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Meal Prep Monday

I made two specific goals for 2017. One of them had to do with my writing and one of them had to do with my running.

So far I have been following the proper steps to meet my writing goal. The running goal, however, has a snag in it.

That snag is…food.

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Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon Race Report

Back in June I started a 16 week training program for the Baltimore Marathon. It was a pretty aggressive training plan that I felt I was ready for, but 12 weeks into the plan things were not going as I well as I had hoped.

After running the Philadelphia Rock and Roll Half Marathon as a training run, I knew that competing at the marathon distance like I wanted to would not be possible. I knew a month ago that if I were to run the 26.2 miles in Baltimore this weekend I would have crashed and burned.

So four weeks ago I downgraded my registration from the marathon proper to the half marathon.

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