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Yoga Hosers – A Movie For The Hardcore Fans

Yoga Hosers is the second piece in Kevin Smith’s True North trilogy. The trilogy which also includes Tusk and the yet to be released Moose Jaws is a series of films born from the crazy ramblings of SMODcast.

SMODcast in case you might not know is the podcast Kevin Smith does with his hetero lifemate Scott Mosier.

Thanks to Amazon Prime I finally got a chance to see the movie and I am not going to beat around the bush here. Yoga Hosers is a stupid movie. But when I say stupid movie I mean that in a good way.

Good stupid.

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I Am Not A Serial Killer – Movie Review

A couple of days ago I posted about watching the movie, I Am Not A Serial Killer, before reading the book it was based on.

Today I had the chance to watch the movie, and for today’s post I have a short review.

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Going Full Walrus – A Tusk Movie Review

Photo Sep 18, 9 36 02 PM

The much anticipated new movie from filmmaking genius Kevin Smith gets its theatrical release today.

Tusk is a movie born from two friends making fun of a classified ad they found online. I talked about the birth of the story in a previous post.

That's right. Look for @billdowis in the credits on the DVD. Snoogans.

That’s right. Look for @billdowis in the credits on the DVD. Snoogans.

I was lucky enough to see Tusk the movie last night. There were a few Thursday night screenings around the country, and Smith and the guys involved with the movie encouraged people to tweet pictures of their ticket stubs. In return anyone who did that would get their Twitter handle in the credits of the DVD. I know to some of you that may sound lame, but I am a fanboy.

Anyway, here is my review.

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