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Does The Walking Dead Even Need Zombies Anymore?

Last night was the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead.

Despite the first episode of season 7 being as gruesome as it was, and it turning a lot of people off from the show I think that this has been the best season of the show so far.

But all the episodes in season 7 have one thing in common that brings up the question, “Does the show even need to have walkers anymore?”

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Will It Be Daryl

It is only about 2 hours and 15 minutes to the season premiere of The Walking Dead. I have already done two blogposts about who I think will get Negan’s bat. My first theory was Abraham and Maggie┬ábut then I also wrote a few reasons why I think Daryl might also be getting it.

Now with just a short time to go before the premiere I am starting to think that Daryl is definitely going to die.

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Who Did Negan Kill – Part 2

Yesterday I talked about who I think Negan killed in The Walking Dead and how I think the first couple of episodes will play out. Go ahead and read it for the details if you haven’t, but I’ll just tell you I think it is Abraham and Maggie that get the bat.

I get a lot of thinking done when I go for a walk or a run and yesterday I went for a long walk and couldn’t stop thinking about this topic. I still think it will be Abraham and Maggie that get killed, but there are a few things that point to someone other than Abraham being the first victim.

There is a pretty good chance that Daryl Dixon dies in season seven of The Walking Dead.

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Who Did Negan Kill

This weekend AMC released a three and a half minute sneak peek of the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead. If you haven’t seen it yet, and I am sure you have, you can see it here.

Now that we are so far gone from the disappointing sixth season finale cliffhanger the anger has died down some. Fans of the show have shifted their attention to theories and ideas about who Lucille’s victim is, and what might happen in the premiere, which is now less than two weeks away.

The sneak peek gives us a little more information than we had before, and now the theories are really growing legs. Here are my thoughts on who gets the bat and how the first few episodes of the season might go.

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This Is The Greatest Scene In The Walking Dead, And Here Is Why

I think a lot of Walking Dead fans would agree with me when I say that the second season is probably not the best season of the show so far. In fact, a few episodes into the second season is when I gave up on the show the first time when it originally aired.

But…the second season of The Walking Dead holds the greatest scene in the entire series so far.

That scene is known by many as The Barn Scene.

Now obviously this post is gonna have some spoilers…so if you are really that far behind on the show then be forewarned, I will be giving away some surprises here. Scroll down at your own risk.

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