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Iron Fist and Homeless People

This past Friday Iron Fist dropped on Netflix.

So far I have seen the first five episodes. This post is not a review. It is not a fanboy praising the show. It is not a criticism.

This post is about one little scene in the first episode that really made me think.

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Zootopia – Greatest Detective Story Ever Told?

This weekend I finally watched Zootopia.

Not only did it handle a lot of social and political issues, but after sitting on it for a day or two I started to ask if it might just be the best detective story ever told?

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Brand Communication on Twitter

Today’s blogpost is gonna be short and sweet. Well, I thought it would be short and sweet when I started writing.

It has to do with brand communication on Twitter, and some of my personal experiences and pet peeves.

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Meal Prep Monday

I made two specific goals for 2017. One of them had to do with my writing and one of them had to do with my running.

So far I have been following the proper steps to meet my writing goal. The running goal, however, has a snag in it.

That snag is…food.

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Do We Need An R Rated Batman

Next weekend is the premiere of the newest Wolverine movie, Logan.

The release of the movie is exciting for a few reasons. It is the final Wolverine movie with Hugh Jackman. It looks like it will redeem itself for the previous Wolverine movies.

And it is rated R.

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